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AMK FUNDING | Services | We Provide Loans For Small Business

Amk funding

Services we provide

We Can Get Finance For All Credit Levels

Business Loans

Small-business loans can be a lifeline to your success as a business owner, whether you're stocking your stock up on inventory, unexpected expenses, taxes, buying equipment, or expanding your footprint.

Real Estate Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-term loan used to start or complete a project until the business has secured permanent financing or removes an existing obligation. It allows the borrower to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow.

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

A merchant cash advance is one of the fastest loans to get, as it is primarily driven by your business revenue. It offers an upfront cash advance against your business's future sales.

SBA Loans

Loans The government-guaranteed SBA loan program works with approved lenders to offer low-interest rates and long-term repayment. But the process is time-consuming, and the requirements are strict.

Services we provide

Medical Working Capital Loans

This type of loan is the most prevalent of all the financing options available for medical professionals seeking a business loan. Term loans can be used for just about any business use, including working capital, commercial real estate purchase, refinancing business loans, consolidating business debt, and other operational uses.

Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing provides a flexible, creative alternative to buying as a way of obtaining the necessary equipment to run a cash-short business. Leasing is used for a wide variety of equipment ranging from airplanes to vehicles to kitchen equipment for a restaurant to computers. In the typical equipment-leasing arrangement, an equipment-leasing company (the lessor) buys equipment or other fixed assets.

Construction Project Financing

A construction loan (also known as a “self-build loan") is a short-term loan used to finance the building of a home or another real estate project. The builder or home buyer takes out a construction loan to cover the costs of the project before obtaining long-term funding.

Medical Accounts Receivable Financing

Medical factoring includes a third-party payer (i.e. Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance company) within the medical invoicing process. The medical provider works with AMK Funding to assist them in getting a Receivable company within the Medical field that is HIPA Compliant.

TRUCK LEASING – Tractor Trailer Finance

We have several specialized programs for owner operator truck leasing and finance. We offer programs for the experienced operator or a startup. Our options can service any level of credit. We can also finance or lease all types of trailers, from Dry Vans to Refers to Lowboys and more. There are different requirements for the programs.

Franchise Financing

Owning an outlet associated with a well-established company is a sound business practice. And among franchise opportunities restaurants offer some of the greatest chances to succeed. Why? They serve a consumer demand so it is no wonder that the major national franchises are fast food outlets.

Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation

Businesses sometimes become overextended with their debt to income ration. Due to various demands, seasonality, changes in business cycles merchants are sometimes forced into taking out multiple cash advances. Once businesses go down this road they soon find themselves utilizing most or all of their revenues in paying back these cash advances.