Merchant Cash Advance


A merchant cash advance is one of the fastest loans to get, as it is primarily driven by your business revenue.  It offers an upfront cash advance against your business’s future sales. This type of financing is geared to businesses that have steady revenue income from cash and credit card sales.  A few of the industries that utilize this type of financing are retail stores, restaurants, and medical offices. Businesses receive a lump-sum payment from the lender and then pay it back as they make sales to customers. AMK Funding will assist you in getting the funding you need for your business.

merchant cash advance

AMK Funding & Affiliates offers the most choices for Merchant Cash Advances:

The Lowest Rates In The Industry

No one can beat our terms.

All Levels Of Credit

From GREAT credit to POOR credit.

The Widest Range Of Funding Amounts

From $1000 to $1,000,000 +

Starter Lines For Newer Businesses

90 days in business and your qualified.

ACH Payment Options

So you don’t have to change processors.

Cash Flow Finance Programs

Based on your bank statements, no need to take credit cards.

Second Position Advance Programs

We can give you an advance even if you currently have another one you’re still paying on.

The AMK Funding Affiliates Merchant Cash Advance Program is the simple way to put cash in your pocket fast and pay it back at a pace you can easily manage.

Note: Amounts in examples are for illustration only. Your Merchant Cash Advance is completely dependent on your monthly credit card processing receipts.

The AMK Funding Affiliates Merchant Cash Advance Difference

The difference between a Merchant Advance through AMK Funding Affiliates and all the other merchant account factors is that our Affiliates are direct Merchant Cash Advance Lenders and partner Merchant Advance Company. That means we can issue a Merchant Cash Advance immediately with our own underwriting and funding regardless of your credit. We have many programs to secure funds for you no matter what your situation may be. We can also operate as a partner lender or agent funding company when there is another program that can serve your Merchant Cash Advance needs better. That means you don’t have to fit into our guidelines. We fit your request to the appropriate program. We have access to all available Merchant Advance programs across the country to secure funds for any situation at the best rates.

We can fund from $1,000 to $1,000,000 or more. With an AMK Funding Affiliates Merchant Cash Advance, you have access to the most money at the best rates. We have a special discount merchant advance program for larger fundings and better credit requests. We will meet or beat any competitor’s terms.

Our Bad Credit Merchant Cash Advance can provide Working Capital regardless of your credit score.
We can fund Merchant cash advances promptly for people with ANY credit score. There is no minimum credit qualification. If you are not currently in Bankruptcy and you are not currently in danger of being evicted from your place of business, you are automatically qualified if you’ve been accepting credit cards for just 3 months!

We offer Merchant Advances if you’ve been accepting credit cards for just 3 months or even less sometimes. And still with no restriction on credit scores!

65% of all Credit Card Factoring is issued as Restaurant Working Capital. We know the industry and cater to the needs of restaurants. Cash flow is imperative to the successful operation of your restaurant. We understand the seasonal fluctuations of restaurants. The AMK Funding & Affiliates Merchant Cash Advance provides Restaurant Working Capital with easy payment terms based on your future anticipated volume.

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  • Payoff other debt
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  • Do whatever you want!