Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation

Businesses sometimes become overextended with their debt to income ration.  Due to various demands, seasonality, changes in business cycles merchants are sometimes forced into taking out multiple cash advances.  Once businesses go down this road they soon find themselves utilizing most or all of their revenues in paying back these cash advances.  During times like these, it is prescient for businesses to consult with AMK Funding as we work with one of the leading companies within this space to help our clients ease their cash flow crunch due to the series of merchants’ cash advance they have on their books. which leads to another and then another.

This practice of stacking merchant cash advance loans – or ACH – can quickly put your business into a downward spiral. One solution to help you get out of this cycle of business debt is merchant cash advance consolidation.

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The Benefit of Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation

Merchant lenders like this type of business cash advance because the repayment is practically guaranteed through the business’ sales. If you were to consolidate these debts into one, then the lender is still going to get their money back. Plus, the fees that they charged you. However, the terms will be adjusted so that you are still able to collect on your daily sales receipts and keep a flow of cash running to your business. 

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